Imagine a home that...:

  • Is incredibly energy efficient.  Paradome homes share energy stored in the thermal mass (soil) surrounding the home's walls.  At just a few feet down, the soil temperature is a nearly constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit, so in either frigid or blistering extremes, the interior of the home needs to be modified by only a dozen or so degrees to maintain year-round comfort.  This concept is what geothermal heating systems take advantage of, but instead of dropping a heat exchange line into the ground to capture heat from the Earth, the ENTIRE HOUSE is built to share thermal energy from the soil.  These homes are ideal to accept alternative energy systems such as photovoltaic panels to supplement or escape the grid, and passive solar designs should be considered as well.  Free yourself from petroleum!

  • Is incredibly durable.  Not constrained by conventional lumber framing and thin waterproofing materials, Paradome homes exclusively utilize the Formworks building system that integrates a solid steel frame with steel-reinforced concrete to create an impervious yet relatively light shell that resists fire, termites, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, earthquakes, bullets and even...time.  The design life of a Paradome home is from 200 - 1000 years!

  • Is incredibly low-maintenance.  Once the shell is sealed and backfilled, there shouldn't be any need to look at it again.  No asphalt tiles to replace on the roof, no siding to replace after a hailstorm, no gutters to clean out, no snow to shovel off the roof...the owner can focus on enjoying the home, rather than working on it.  About the only time a homeowner might need to walk (yes - walk, not climb) up on the roof would be to mow the (optional) grass planted there.

  • Is incredibly secure.  The layout itself limits access points to the home.  Floorplans can be designed that allow access only from limited and controlled points in the home, reducing any costs for optional security systems or entry point reinforcement.  Tunnel systems to attached garages limit any need to travel outside between the home and the garage.  And nobody is getting through the remainder of the walls that are composed of earth-covered steel and concrete.

  • Is incredibly beautiful.  The flexibility and strength of the freeform arch design allows gentle curves, open spaces and just about any floorplan imaginable, without the confinement of load-bearing walls, support columns or buttresses.  Any facade can be built onto the front of the shell such as log cabins, adobe huts, stone castles...let your imagination run wild!  The interior can be built utilizing standard construction techniques.

  • Is incredibly healthy.  Paradome homes are very tightly sealed - limiting dust, molds, allergens and other pollutants that might infiltrate other structures.  Homeowners can install a ventilation system that precisely controls air intake into the home, conditions it, and exhausts stale air to provide relief from airborne hazards and vastly improve air quality.

  • Is incredibly quiet.  At least three feet of soil overburden is recommended to create a sufficient thermal mass, and this soil mass has the added benefit of muffling noises from outside the home.  Highway traffic, lawnmowers, aircraft...all are reduced to little more than a whisper when trying to pass through the home's shell.

  • Is incredibly "green."  The entire outer shell of the home is free of lumber, paper or petroleum products.  Soil, not fiberglass, is the home's insulation.  The earthen cover allows rainfall to percolate down around the shell and into the water table, rather than deflecting it into drainage and sewer systems.  These homes will outlast standard homes by many times, ultimately conserving resources.  These are green-roof homes taken to the extreme!

  • Is an incredible value.  Construction costs are comparable and competitive with standard building techniques.  In the long run - and you will want to stay for many years - the advantages become so clear that it's difficult to imagine building with anything else.

The advantages are just...incredible.

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